NEW: In July, 2008 we will release the new SpeechVibe 2.0 Speech Recognition, our first Windows Vista compatible title. SpeechVibe 2.0 will provide the ultimate speech recognition experience for Microsoft Windows users through its Internet speech recognition enabled interface to browse the web and send e-mails, mouse and keyboard control with your voice, and dictation into any Windows application. With SpeechVibe, you can customize your speech recognition experience to your needs and individualize features available for each application. Check back soon so you can be one of the first to try this great new product.

July 3, 2007: CoolSoft, LLC has just acquired the rights to sell SpeechVibe Speech Recognition. SpeechVibe is the best solution to drive entirely by speech your Microsoft Windows operating system and all your favorite applications. Our founder was so impressed SpeechVibe and its programming team that he invested in the company. Scroll down to learn more about SpeechVibe Speech Recognition.

April 24, 2007: Our goal at CoolSoft, LLC is to make speech recognition available to a wide community of users. We recently released CoolInfo 1.10 Voice Recognition, a FREE speech recognition utility that lets you get news, weather, horoscopes, do web searches by speech and much more. CoolInfo also lets you create your own speech commands and use the Windows calculator by speech. Click here to learn more. To see a demo of CoolInfo, Click here. To get your FREE copy, Click Here.

December 22, 2006 - SpeakToText 2.51 is released with several bug fixes and upgrades to the User Commands feature. Starting with Version 2.51, SpeakToText includes our newest speech recognition title, CoolInfo 1.10 Voice Recognition. The FREE 30 day trial is now fully speech enabled. To update from previous versions, open SpeakToText, say "click about" and then say "check for updates."

October 16, 2006 - SpeakToText Speech Recognition Version 2.50 is released with many enhancements. The pre-release of SpamMonster Anti Spam Filter is upgraded to Version 1.85. All our products now come with free 30-day trials. The trial version of SpeakToText now includes the speech recognition engine. Installing the SpeakToText trial will also speech enable the Speak-to-Mail trial. To cut down on spam and help make our staff more efficient, all messages to the domain are now be directed through our support email address and forwarded to the appropriate staff member.

At CoolSoft, our goal is to bring you software that is fun, easy to use and affordable. Check out our great line of programs like our new title, SpeechVibe 2.0 Speech Recognition, or the newest Version 2.51 of our flagship voice recognition product, SpeakToText 2.0 Speech Recognition. And with Speak-to-Mail Speech Recognition you can write and send emails entirely by speech. Or get them both with the Voice Recognition Bundle that comes with SpeakToText, SpeakToMail, (download, the two CD's) and a headset microphone. It's a really great value. Other CoolSoft titles include CoolInfo 1.10 FREE speech recognition, software, SpamMonster Anti Spam Filter, spam filtering software that is highly effective yet easy to setup and use, and the new Version 2.0 of Flying House Webcam Software, a neat little program that uploads images from your webcam to an FTP so you can view them from anywhere. You can also buy a headset microphone separately.

So, please hang around and browse our website to learn more about our great line of CoolSoft products. And please feel free to email our friendly support staff with any questions or comments.